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Re: Bug#810822: ITP: MooseFS

On 17 Jan, 2016, at 13:34, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

> Radical suggestion: end MooseFS development, MooseFS devs move to
> working in public within the LizardFS community, porting MooseFS
> features over. Could help repair trust.

Radical and ... kind of stupid. I have similar idea. end LizardFS development. LizardFS devs could help developing MooseFS. But ... hmm ... there are no interesting features to port from Lizard to Moose.

The question is why anybody forked actively developed product instead of helping in development of original? Don't you think that it is very rude? They never wanted to help us. At one point they wanted to buy us, but we disagreed, so they made fork.

By the way all LizardFS developers are on payroll, there is no "developing community" behind LizardFS - only company from USA. You people have sometimes tendency to help cheaters instead of helping honest and hardworking people.

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