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Re: boost : no match for call to boost::factory


>I'm trying to package the new upstream release of FW4SPL for the debian-med project. But I get this strange error during the build :
>(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char>)'>           return (*f)(BOOST_FUNCTION_ARGS);
>Is someone have any idea about the cause of this issue ?
>The concerned lines of FW4SPL haven't changed, and I didn't have any problem in the past, with an older boost version.

I saw many of the __cxx11 issues when I did some work in libstdc++ transition.
If you have such issues, it might mean that some dependencies you use in your build-depependencies didn't get rebuilt on top of the new gcc-5, or that
the transition changed some other prototypes somewhere.
I can't help more, with alioth down, and a missing complete build log.



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