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Re: Re: mentor wanted

Hi Gianfranco and thanks for the reply!

Usually on this list people asks for specific questions:
do you need some general documentation about Debian packaging? Which kind of help
are you requesting?

I know...I looked over this mailing list and almost every message starts with "Bug #".
Going back to the Debian Developer's Reference, it says if someone wants a mentor
to help via email, they should ask here. I need advice, but on a broader array of
issues than just one bug.

Examples of issues would be:

- getting links on blends.debian.org

- setting up pages on blends.debian.org/fluxbox/ (I think I need a symbolic link from
  https://blend-fluxbox.alioth.debian.org/ but I don't know how to access that)

- setting up task pages (auto generated from control files)

- how to package metafiles for a blend (I understand the basics)

- how to package scripts that set up configs in /etc and set up /etc/skel and copy that
  to the users home dir

So, really, it's a whole set of issues.

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