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Re: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager

+++ toogley [2016-01-07 19:49 +0100]:
> Hey,
> honestly thanks a lot for the friendly support. Especially Axel, thanks for
> offer to sponsor me. I hope, I won't disappoint you.

I'm happy to help too. I use wicd all the time so want to see it in
good shape. I can help with testing, packaging advice, and as backup sponsor.

> Question: Jessie has currently this package
> https://packages.debian.org/jessie/git-remote-bzr which would allow us
> (since upstream uses bazaar) to fetch new upstream changes more easily. But
> i don't know if its appropriate for debian packaging, since it's an
> additional dependency for the process of maintaining itself.

If it's just a tool you use locally to update your sources/repo then
it's not a build-dependency, so just use it, but no need to change
anything in the packaging. Possibly worth noting in a
debian/README.source on how you do updates/new releases (especially
for anyone else that takes over in future or has to update/build it
locally for other reasons)
> Again, thanks for your support. Of course, I hope, i won't disappoint any of
> you guys :D

Don't worry. You'll be fine :-)

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