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Re: Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager


>Yeah, you mentioned the TODO later down the mail. Noticed it only
>after I had written this. But since I wanted to refer more explicitly
>to that issue, I kept it.

I like being explicitly, it makes things clear when not everybody has the same background
of an issue, thanks!

>Ah, sorry, I thought you referred to the quilt patches of source package
>format "3.0 (quilt)" in the first sentence and to those in the BTS
>only in the second sentence of that paragraph.

actually I was referring to quilt when I first wrote the email (while I was checkouting the git code).
When the checkout has been finished, I rephrased the sentence to refer just to BTS, but wrongly :)

BTW I did install wicd-curses on a sid up-to-date

I did sudo wicd-curses (also without sudo)

and then pressed "P", and switched to the three property windows (arrow keys <- and ->).
Everything worked correctly with no crashes.

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?
and please note:

this might have been a python-urwid issue, because I remember I actually broke it when I imported the new
release 1.3.0 and Salvo fixed wicd to work again with 34-newer_urwid patch.

Maybe you had experienced the crash while the patch wasn't applied?

also I uploaded 1.3.1 recently, and in the changelog some crash fixes were mentioned

(look e.g. to changes in main_loop.py)



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