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Re: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager


>I'd like to maintain the wicd package, especially because it's a kind of 
>popular package. That would offer me a great challenge to master. But i 
>assume, I'll certainly make errors and certainly be very slow at the 
>beginning in comparison with an experienced maintainer.
>I can't estimate if that's a critical problem or if I'm suitable for 
>maintaining such a popular package. Of course I'll do my best.
>==> So, what do you guys think about that?

being a new maintainer doesn't stop you from trying to adopt a package, specially because you need a sponsor
to see your changes propagated, so don't worry, somebody will double check your work!

In this case, I'll be *very* happy to see you maybe fork the git repository here

(maybe on a github repository? just to avoid initial messing of the repo).

you might want to make the packaged 1.7.3 version uploaded on Debian (it is already on the master branch)

I cc'd Emanuele and Axel, the last sponsors of the package.

The new release is already imported in git, so it might just be a matter of rebasing patches, check the patches
in the BTS if they still apply/they are sane/they work, include them in the packaging
and check if everything works.

(fix the TODO in changelog and and find a sponsor).

I'm pretty sure somebody will check your work, and please ask if something is not clear enough.

BTW "upstream" branch should contain 1.7.3 version, but seems that Ritesh forgot to push the tags :)



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