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Re: Help needed with symbols index in package

Hi Jakub,

2016-01-06 22:11 GMT-02:00 Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org>:

> There's a simple work-around: pass -X (with appropriate argument) to
> dh_makeshlibs.
>> export PVER=$(shell dpkg-parsechangelog --show-field version | cut -d"-"
>> -f1)
>> %:
>>         dh $@
>> override_dh_makeshlibs:
>>         dh_makeshlibs -- -v$(PVER)
> No, please don't do this.

IMO, it is right and works fine. What is the specific problem? The
symbol file can be a minimal collection of symbols to generate all
symbols in each arch. From man dpkg-gensymbols:

       o   debian/symbols

       The main interest of those files is to provide  the  minimal
version  associated  to  each  symbol  provided  by  the
       libraries.  Usually  it corresponds to the first version of
that package that provided the symbol, but it can be manu-
       ally incremented by the maintainer if the ABI of the symbol is
extended without breaking backwards compatibility. It's
       the responsibility of the maintainer to keep those files
up-to-date and accurate, but dpkg-gensymbols helps with that.

       When  the  generated  symbols files differ from the maintainer
supplied one, dpkg-gensymbols will print a diff between
       the two versions.  Furthermore if the difference is too
significant, it will even fail (you  can  customize  how  much
       difference you can tolerate, see the -c option).



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