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Bug#808613: RFS: re2c/0.15.3-1 [ITA] -- tool for generating fast C-based recognizers

Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl>:

> >   Package name    : re2c  
> Alas, the new version failed to build on five architectures.  Even
> worse, the build logs contain no meaningful output:
> [...]
> Could you please create an "override_dh_auto_test" target in
> debian/rules that runs "$(MAKE) check" and if it fails, cats
> test-suite.log?


> Debugging the failure requires access to a machine, real or emulated,
> [...]

Test failure reproduced using qemu with a jessie install on mips (#809744
and friends prevented a clean upgrade to unstable). The problem seems to
be an endianness issue with stored data in three tests, which also
explains why it was restricted to big endian archs. Meanwhile confirmed
upstream, see https://github.com/skvadrik/re2c/issues/132

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