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Bug#809623: RFS: telegram-purple/1.2.3-1

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 1:25 AM, Ben Wiederhake wrote:

> How about an option that changes the following:
> - Current: thousands of warning for French, because the French dict is
> missing.
> - Suggested: single warning, saying "French dictionary not found (expected
> at /usr/share/some/where)"
> But I guess this should be reported against POFileSpell, not c-a-t-t, right?

Sounds perfect. Indeed it should be reported against POFileSpell. If
you do that, please mark it as affecting c-a-t-t and add c-a-t-t
usertags though, using the documentation listed in the c-a-t-t README

> It is, basing on Telegram's public key. (Has to be requested by mail. Don't
> ask me why they had that idiotic idea.)
> The tglpub file-format is easy enough to be written with nothing but a
> hexeditor; is clearly explained (just three big endian integers); comes
> along with a program that demonstrates how to generate the tglpub given the
> original pubfile.
> In case you wonder why we don't just read the original pubkey: proprietary
> file format, and wanted to avoid using a function that smells like OpenSSL.

Personally I would have just made a text based format with a comment
header containing a URL to the format description, followed by 3 lines
containing the integers :)

> Because it's the first and only thing at which I looked when opening the
> page for the first few times. Now I finally actually read it (oh god, sorry
> dear author of the page). I included it into 1.2.4-2. (See separate mail.)

FYI, there is some talk of merging it into the AppStream standard as
Charles Plessy doesn't have time to fix the gatherer.

> I wasn't even remotely aware of the sheer flood of such tools, each of them
> doing different things, and then there's sanity check so basic that you
> didn't even need a "tool" for that and just used grep/find/etc. Thank you
> for the program, the work, the feedback :D

I'm glad to see people using it :)

Please note that there were 3 implementations of this idea:

My ugly unmaintainable list of shell commands on a wiki page:


My initial attempt at writing something maintainable:


Jakub Wilk's much cleaner and better initial implementation of the same:


He didn't want to work on it any more and his version was much better
so I dumped mine, renamed his to check-all-the-things and continued
from there. Thanks to Jakub Wilk for doing the initial work and
injecting some sanity into this project :)


Jakub writes a lot of things, If anyone wants to package his stuff,
there are still some things not yet in Debian:




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