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Bug#809272: RFS: pygithub/1.26.0-1 ITP

> This package is quite cool already, just two bits:
> * Vcs-* points to github, which 404 (same as the other, I guess)

Yes. Fixed

> * please consider handing a spellchecked to upstream, looks like there
>   are some typos

Fix spelling in comments or disabled and not-installed tests? Are you sure?

> * also duck has something to say about the copyright:
>   E: debian/copyright:30: Email: pmuilu@xena: ERROR (Certainty:possible)
>      pmuilu@xena: No MX entry found.
>      pmuilu@xena: No A entry found.
>      pmuilu@xena: No AAAA entry found.

Well, contributor wanted to hide his email, so I removed this obfuscated email
at all.

> there is only one r-dep in unstable, which is jeepyb.
> I personally find annoying breaking other packages for fun, when there
> is really no need for it.
> IMHO the better action is to add a
>     Provides: python-pygithub
> to the python-github stanza (since there are no python3-pygithub r-deps
> I'd avoid one there).
> After this, I'd open a bug against jeepyb to request the swap of the
> dependency, and once that's done, remove the provides in the next
> upload of pygithub.

I added Provides: field. Probably, I should open bug aganist jeepyb after

Uploaded new version on mentors.

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