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Re: Request for review: btfs

On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 02:11:32PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> If anyone sponsor has some free time, please review my package uploaded
> to mentors:
> https://mentors.debian.net/package/btfs

it's a simple package, so this has been quick to do:

* d/copyright: you have a supurious '<' in the GPL-3+ name: 'GPL-3+<'
* d/rules: you don't need to manually export the buildflags in compat
  level 9, so lines 3,4,5 can just go
* d/control: you don't need to build-dep on autoconf and automake,
  dh-autoreconf does already the work.

it's fine package already, if you want I can upload it :)

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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