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Bug#806572: RFS: multimail/0.50~20150922-1 [ITA]

Am Montag, den 04.01.2016, 21:29 -0500 schrieb Robert James Clay:

Some small review. (I did not perform a copyright check and did not
build the package)

- Please do not introduce a dbg package -- they are now automatically
generated. (The long description would be anyway confusing: "provides
dbg symbols for crashmail -- while the pacakage name is multimail)

- Is the patch forwarded to upstream?

- Please B-D on debhelper >=9 not debhelper >=9.0 (The versioned
depends could even go, as debhelper 9 is already in since oldstable)

- d/rules: Are the lines setting CPPFLAGS and friend really needed?
- also, with the drop of the dbg package some overrides can be removed

- please remove the comments from d/watch


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