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Re: Failed to stop defining RPATH in libncl

On 04/01/16 12:45, Andreas Tille wrote:

Hm... don't know the Debian docs that well, but Fedora has some info on [2].
Basically, you should be able to add something like that in a dh_ override.
The debian GL seems to be in [3]; they look similar.

Thanks for your attempt to help but these links are clear.  I simply
failed to implement a dh_override / patch since the means that were
usually helpful failed and thus was asking for help.

Well, you just published the sources, not the debian/ stuff. That said, I presume that something like this should work if you are using the modern dh_ primitives It's not the nice way which would be a patch to configure.ac (there are examples out there), but it's simple and effective. The --fail-missing is just a copy-paste, you might want to skip it, and the installation paths (here debian/tmp) could of course be something else.

Build-Depends: chrpath

        dh_install --fail-missing
	chrpath -delete debian/tmp/usr/bin/N*



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