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Bug#798044: RFS: php-mf2/0.2.12-1 [ITP] -- Microformats2 is the simplest way to markup structured information in HTML.

Thanks Mattia for your suggestions. I will fix the issues that you raised.

I didn't get the point of copyright. You suggested that I inform
upstream that MIT is kind of ambiguous, Can you give some pointers to
initiate a discuss with the upstream?

PHP PEAR is the maintainer will that be a problem, should I change it?
if I have to change then who should be the maintainer?

Thanks & Regards,

On Thursday 31 December 2015 08:57 PM, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> control: owner -1 !
> control: tag -1 moreinfo
> [ please don't do top posting ]
> On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 03:26:35PM +0530, Bhuvan Krishna wrote:
>> Fixed all the bugs. Please check the package and suggest any changes.
>> https://mentors.debian.net/package/php-mf2
> Ok, so, some more things, and then we're good:
> * you depend on 'php (>=5.3.0)', but 'php' is a metapackage, currently
> * at version 17. what you want is just 'php5' (the version constraint is
>   really useless, debian has 5.3 in old-old-stable).
>   + Actually, you don't really need it at all.  ${misc:Depends} +
>     ${phpcomposer:Debian-require} expand to 'php5-cli, php5-common (>=
>     5.3.0)' by themselves, so the 'php' depends is just noise.
> * you got a trailing whitespace at line 2 of d/copyright
>   + while at it, I don't like wasting bytes on pointeless newlines, mind
>     removing the lines 9 and 10 of that file, so you have only 1 empty
>     line? :)
> * please tell upstream that "MIT" as a license is kinda ambiguos.  What
>   you wrote in d/copyright is better referred to as "Expat".  Then, I
>   don't know if in the php world is used to just call that "MIT".
> * the maintainer is PHP PEAR, don't they mandate the use of a VCS?
>   + I genuinely don't know.

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