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Re: Questions before my first upload attempt

On 2015-08-23 16:08, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Remaining questions:
> - Shall i dput -f now ?


I don't know if you have to remove the package first (eg via the web
interface). Can someone more familiar with mentors.debian.net add some
enlightenment here?

> - What to do about the complaint:
>     "The uploader is not in the package's "Maintainer" or "Uploaders" fields"
>   Add myself to "Uploaders" ? Am i entitled ?

Orphaning a package means that there is no maintainer anymore;
therefore, you would normally set yourself as Maintainer.

However: it appears that this package is team-maintained. In that case,
you leave the Maintainer as-is, and add yourself to Uploaders.

There's an alioth [1] project, with mailing list and all:


As you can see, there are a number of committers there, and the current
Uploaders field of the package lists one of them.

IMHO, taking over this package correctly would mean to also take over
the alioth project as admin by
    1. Requesting to join the team
    2. Having the current admin set your new account as admin
    3. Removing the old admin

Once you have completed the above, add yourself to Uploaders. Then, add
an entry to debian/changelog, such as:

  * Add myself to Uploaders. Closes: #XXXXXX

The XXXXXX refers to the bug number with which the package was orphaned,
and which you still need to retitle and of which you still need to claim
ownership :-)

Alternatively, if you no longer wish to team-maintain it, and if the
remaining uploader is OK with this, you could set yourself to
Maintainer, remove the Uploaders, and add the following entry to

  * New Maintainer. Closes: #XXXXXX

However, you should then get the alioth project removed, to avoid confusion.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth

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