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Re: RFS: MiceAmaze video game

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 3:25 AM, Raphael Champeimont wrote:

> Well, for the moment I'm just trying to package my own program. In
> fact my reasoning was that it would be useful to users to have a
> package to install (which I put on the project website), then I
> thought it would be even better to have it included in Debian (for the
> kind of reasons in http://wiki.debian.org/AdvantagesForUpstream )

> The point is, I still think it is valuable for users to have a
> smallest-effort-to-use version, for users who probably will even run

I would say these people want binaries, not source. Either a package
in each of the Linux distros or a statically linked version of the
game with pre-built data would be the way to go for them.

> But anyway, if it's an issue to have dependencies included, I can
> provide a separate version of the upstream tarball, without deps.

I would suggest you provide two tarballs:

One containing the source of your game only.

One containing the source to all of the dependencies; SDL, OpenGL
headers, QuesoGLC, SOIL, imagemagick, glibc, gcc, Xorg, Linux. It will
probably be very big though.

> Actually what you see in the source really are my source files. I
> created the simple graphics with GIMP and the original files are those
> you see. For the eagle images, I downloaded the SVG initially but then
> modified them manually in GIMP also (basically for recoloring).
> For a future release I will probably create better graphics in SVG
> format, and in this case I would be happy to provide them. Is it
> necessary to recreate all the current files in SVG?

I was talking about the SVG files in src/data-sources/*.svg

The changes for the eagle silhouettes look like they could be done
easily in the SVG by changing the stroke and fill colours. For the
other image it would be slightly harder but doable. For both of them,
modifying the SVG and rendering the result automatically would have
provided much better quality images.

> Yes, the reason I patched the xdg stuff is it would install in /usr
> and so on. On the other hand, I think they are necessary if installing
> directly because there is some kind of indexation xdg tools do, which
> is done at package install time in Debian (and not make install time).

Hmmm, ok. Not sure what to do here then.

> Btw why doesn't my lintian give me these warnings? Am I missing an
> option you use?

I use the version of lintian from sid/experimental and this ~/.lintianrc:


> OK this is because they are encoded as latin1 (only the maze
> description line in fact is non-ASCII). Currently font rendering is
> done assuming strings are latin1. It the program is localized in the
> future (no plans for that now) it could be changed, but it's
> non-trivial since it must also work for Windows (as the maze format is
> common). Is it a critial problem?

No, it is not an issue at all. It does prevent having maze
descriptions with nonlatin1 characters though.



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