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Bug#691577: RFS: neverball/1.5.4-6 -- 3D floor-tilting game

Hi Juhani,

You wrote on the RFS:
> team upload (as in Debian Developer's Reference ch 5.11.7)

There I read:
> If it conforms with your team's policy
> without being listed directly as Maintainer or Uploader

This seems to be that "team's policy":
> and add yourself to the Uploaders field

So the "team's policy" does not seem to allow doing a "team upload" without
adding yourself to Uploaders.

But here I read information that appears to contradict with that:

I suggest that you talk to the Debian Games Team to find out what's really the
current team's policy on developers-reference 5.11.7, and to update the wiki
pages accordingly.

Also, I see that the Debian Games Team has its own sponsoring queues, and your
package neverball is currently not in the team's sponsoring queue, not on the
"ready for upload" list, and not on the team's todo list:


Bart Martens

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