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Bug#683184: RFS: suckless-tools/39-1 [ITA]

* Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com>, 2012-10-25, 11:54:
Shouldn't the copyright file also mention download location for sprop (i.e. hg.suckless.org) too?

I'd prefer if create_get_orig source downloaded a specific revision of prop (currently ecfe2752b310) rather than tip. That would make the script more deterministic.

Done. I've contacted upstream author to get it in same download location but since he is out of the development for a while I need to contact Anselm from suckless community to get it there.

Besides this he was suggesting to get individual binaries involved in suckless-tools as separate binaries. (i.e. multiple binary single source package) What do you suggest?

The binaries are very small, and their dependencies aren't big either, so I don't really see a point.

Besides this I updated changelog to merge changelog of 38-2 version and then update 39-1 changelog to remove already closed bug references. I added closes to 658386 in changelog as new dmenu fixes it. And I updated the Standards-version to 3.9.4

"Copyright file now adheres to Debian copyright-format 1.0" should be removed from 39-1 entry, as it was fixed in 38-2.

When I run bhlc on build log of new package I get this http://sprunge.us/CiYR But as far as I know this should be automatically introduced when using compat level 9 with debhelper >= 9 right? Or am I missing something?

Perhaps 02_dpkg-buildflags.patch needs to be improved? :)

Jakub Wilk

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