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Re: Lots of problems with upstream, please help!

> 3 weeks is short. Is the bug release-critical?

I really don't know whether it qualifies as release-critical.
Sometimes the wireless works and some times it just doesn't and still
doesn't after I reboot.   There is a work-around of dropping to the
console and running a "sudo rfkill unblock all". The better workaround
is to just blacklist the HP platform driver altogether.  The whole
issue is a regression. Neither Squeeze nor Lenny had this problem and
it's a 6 year old laptop.

>> 3. A couple months ago, an upstream developer wrote a patch to fix
>> what I consider to be a serious bug that makes a lot of apps
>> unusable under normal (aka "user customized") conditions. Upstream
>> reviewed and approved the patch but the patch is written for KDE
>> 4.9. 1.   I tried applying the patch to KDE 4.8. 4 in Wheezy which
>> ended up as a spectacular failure during compile. I asked upstream
>> to back port the patch to kde 4.8. 4 in Debian and they said that
>> they do not control the release of Debian and that KDE 4.8.5 is
>> available.   I'm almost certain the patch upstream wrote isn't
>> going to work with 4.8.5 either, but I haven't tried it as I don't
>> want to be that far away from Debian's packages.  There is a
>> work-around that's very easy to do, but it's not obvious, and it
>> saps performance from my PC.  I'm certain some Debian users running
>> KDE will eventually run into this very annoying problem and have to
>> Google and enable the work around. I will likely end up backporting
>> the patch myself for my own personal needs if the workaround annoys
>> me enough some day, which it probably will.... eventually...  I
>> worry that if I backport this patch, it might be a little ugly and
>> probably not suitable for Debian anyway, although I really haven't
>> looked at backporting the patch yet.
> Bug report number please? If the conditions under which the bug bites
> are really "normal" as in statistically significant, you have a
> release-critical bug here. If you can prepare a patch, even ugly, it
> will help the package maintainer to decide whether and how to fix this
> bug for Wheezy.


Thanks for your help and advice.  I greatly appreciate it.


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