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Bug#671731: RFS: leechcraft/0.5.85+dfsg-1 [ITP] -- modular internet-client


I am still looking for a sponsor for my package "leechcraft".

It builds those binary packages:
  leechcraft - Full LeechCraft installation
  leechcraft-advancednotifications - Advanced Notifications framework for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-aggregator - RSS/Atom feed reader for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-anhero - Crash handler for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-auscrie - Screenshooter for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-azoth - Modular IM client for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-bittorrent - BitTorrent client for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-core - Core executable of LeechCraft
  leechcraft-cstp - HTTP client for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-dbg - Debug symbols for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-dbusmanager - D-Bus side of LeechCraft
  leechcraft-deadlyrics - Song lyrics finder for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-dev - Files required for development for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-doc - Documentation files for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-dolozhee - Plugin for feature requests and bug reports for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-extra - Extra LeechCraft plugins beyond full installation
  leechcraft-gacts - Global Actions provider plugin for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-glance - Provides a quick overview of tabs in LeechCraft
  leechcraft-gmailnotifier - Notifications about new mail in GMail for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-historyholder - History keeper for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-hotstreams - Radio streams provider module for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-kbswitch - Keyboard plugin for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-kinotify - Fancy notifications for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-knowhow - Plugin for displaying tips of the day about LeechCraft
  leechcraft-lackman - Userspace Package Manager for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-lads - Ubuntu Unity integration layer for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-lastfmscrobble - Last.fm scrobbler for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-lhtr - LeechCraft HTML Text editor in WYSIWYG style
  leechcraft-liznoo - UPower-based power manager for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-lmp - Music Player for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-monocle - Document viewer for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-nacheku - Clipboard/download dir watcher for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-netstoremanager - Manages network data storages for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-networkmonitor - Network monitor for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-newlife - Settings importer for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-otlozhu - (Getting Things Done style) TODO manager for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-pintab - Tabs pinning for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-popishu - Plain text editor for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-poshuku - Web browser for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-secman - Security Manager plugin for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-seekthru - OpenSearch-support plugin for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-shellopen - Support for opening files with external apps in LeechCraft
  leechcraft-sidebar - Sidebar with quick launch, tabs and tray areas in LeechCraft
  leechcraft-summary - Quick summary of what's going on in LeechCraft
  leechcraft-tabsessmanager - Tab Session Manager for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-tabslist - Displays list of opened tabs, with navigation between them
  leechcraft-vgrabber - vkontakte.ru plugin for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-vrooby - removable storage devices manager for LeechCraft
  leechcraft-xproxy - Advanced proxy manager for LeechCraft
  libleechcraft-util0.5.0 - Common library for LeechCraft
  libleechcraft-xmlsettingsdialog0.3.0 - Dynamic settings dialog builder for LeechCraft

The package is lintian clean (checked with options `-ivIE --pedantic`) except
few false positives (hardening-no-fortify-functions).

Direct link for download:

Other links:

More information about LeechCraft can be obtained here:

LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. It
consists of a core which defines common plugin interfaces and a lot of plugins
for different purposes. User can install any combination of them to achieve
the necessary functionality.

The main advantage of such approach is that modules could interact more closely
than standalone programs in usual Desktop Environments. Thus, plugins can also
rely on functionality provided by each other. Plugins could also have their own
plugins: for example, support for different protocols or chat window styles in
an IM client.

Also developers don't reinvent the wheel for each protocol. They use existing
solutions (rasterbar libtorrent for BitTorrent or QXmpp for XMPP protocol
for example) if possible. And they contribute back their patches to the upstream
in these cases.

Many changes were done in the project during these months. For example, fork of
QXmpp library was finally merged into upstream and current package "qxmpp" from
unstable satisfies build dependencies of "leechcraft". See details:

Package "leechcraft" is quite big. So please look at it if you have enough time.

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

Best regards,


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