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Bug#689041: Re: Orthanc

Dear Mathieu,

Many thanks for your feedback. I have just uploaded a new version of the
Orthanc package:

Much better indeed ! Some comments below:

I think I have successfully implemented almost all your helpful comments in the new version of the package:

In particular, I now dynamically link against SQLite and JsonCpp, and I have enriched the copyright notice. However, the two following improvements you have noticed have not been fixed:

* why libcurl4-gnutls-dev | libcurl4-nss-dev | libcurl4-openssl-dev ?
shouldn't that be something simplier like libcurl4-dev ? libcurl-dev ?
libcurl-ssl-dev ?

If I use "libcurl4-dev", "libcurl-dev" or "libcurl-ssl-dev", I obtain the following Lintian warning:

For this reason, I have preferred to keep my explicit enumeration.

* why use oflog and libwrap ? They are not used:
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: package could avoid a useless dependency if
debian/orthanc/usr/bin/orthanc was not linked against libwrap.so.0 (it
uses none of the library's symbols)
dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: package could avoid a useless dependency if
debian/orthanc/usr/bin/orthanc was not linked against liboflog.so.2
(it uses none of the library's symbols)

Actually, I think this is a problem in the libdcmtk2-dev package. For instance, when I dump the symbols of the "dcmnet.so" file to look for the logging facilities, I get the following:

jodogne@unstable:~$ nm -D -C /usr/lib/libdcmnet.so | grep log4cplus
U log4cplus::Logger::addAppender(log4cplus::helpers::SharedObjectPtr<log4cplus::Appender>)
                 U log4cplus::Logger::getAppender(OFString const&)
U log4cplus::Logger::removeAppender(log4cplus::helpers::SharedObjectPtr<log4cplus::Appender>)
                 U log4cplus::Logger::removeAppender(OFString const&)
                 U log4cplus::Logger::getAllAppenders()
                 U log4cplus::Logger::removeAllAppenders()
                 U log4cplus::Logger::Logger(log4cplus::Logger const&)
                 U log4cplus::Logger::~Logger()
                 U log4cplus::Logger::isEnabledFor(int) const
U log4cplus::Logger::forcedLog(int, OFString const&, char const*, int, char const*) const
                 U typeinfo for log4cplus::Logger

But, the "libdcmnet.so" does not explicitly depend on the "liboflog.so" library that implements these symbols:

jodogne@unstable:~$ ldd /usr/lib/libdcmnet.so | grep oflog

For this reason, I am obliged to link against "oflog", otherwise I get a problem at the linking stage. The same problem appears with the "wrap" library that is also implicitly required by "libdcmnet.so" :

jodogne@unstable:~$ nm -C -D /usr/lib/libdcmnet.so | grep request_init
                 U request_init
jodogne@unstable:~$ ldd /usr/lib/libdcmnet.so | grep wrap

Note that this problem is also present in the Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu 11.10 distributions. I don't think I can fix this problem by myself.

Is there any other improvement I can make to the Orthanc package?

Thanks again,

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