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Bug#689501: RFS: python-xcaplib/1.0.17-1

(I don't intend to sponsor this package.)

* Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au>, 2012-10-03, 12:23:

lintian emits:

I: python-xcaplib source: debian-watch-file-is-missing
P: python-xcaplib: no-upstream-changelog
W: python-xcaplib: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/xcapclient

Furthermore, lintian4python emits:

i: python-xcaplib source: debian-pycompat-is-obsolete
e: python-xcaplib: pyflakes-undefined-name usr/share/pyshared/xcaplib/xcapclient.py:28: requirements

(+ some some pyflakes-* false-positives.)

I'd use "debhelper (>= 8)" instead of "debhelper (>= 8.0.0)".

The versioned build-dependency on python is insufficient; as per dh_python2 manpage it should be at least >= 2.6.6-3~. Also, it should be s/python/python-all/, because otherwise you could run into bug #683557.

Current standards versions is 3.9.4.

We are phasing out DM-Upload-Allowed:
Please remove the field from debian/control.

The long description explains what is XCAP, and that the package includes an XCAP client… It just fails to say what this package is about. Please see Developer's Reference §6.2.3, which contains some hints on how to write good package description. You may also want to have it reviewed by debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org.

The copyright file is not policy-compliant. Please see:

Is there a reason you don't use dh_install to install the bash completion file?

Out of curiosity, why do you remove dist and MANIFEST in the clean target?

Upstream seems to provide a test suite. Please run it at build time.

Upstream provides some examples. It might be worth including them in the binary package.

Jakub Wilk

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