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Re: Bug#689219: RFS: libcdk5/5.0.20120323-1 [ITA] -- C-based curseswidget library

El lun, 01-10-2012 a las 10:50 +0200, Thomas Dickey escribió:

> http://invisible-island.net/cdk/cdk.html#licensing

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for pointing that. I already read that page before packaging and
I think it's correct to use the BSD-4-clause license. You and Mike are
marked as copyright authors.
Could you, please, review the debian/copyright from here?

That copyright isn't at mentors yet. I prefer to clarify this before
uploading again.


P.D: Can I ask for help to get rid of those lintian warnings referring
to manpages?. I fixed some of them with a patch (will forward upstream)
but I can't manage these ones ... Sorry, I'm not proficient with groff.
I would greatly appreciate it.


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