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Bug#682519: Quick notes

First of all, let me say thank you for beginning the work to package this in Debian!

Wow... this is a solid package:

* You have a man page.

* It's lintian clean.

* /usr/bin/fbcmd doesn't have a .php extension.

How did you even manage to make such an excellent package!?

I can't find anything terribly wrong with it.

A few questions:

* You embed a copy of a jsonwrapper PHP module in /usr/share/fbcmd/facebook/jsonwrapper. Should that be in PEAR? and/or does fbcmd work with PHP's built-in JSON stuff? Just trying to minimize dependencies, especially embedded copies of them.

* A few scripts seem not useful for Debian users, namely: /usr/share/fbcmd/fbcmd_update.php /usr/share/fbcmd/support/test_php.php -- should those simply not be installed?

* Why does 'man fbcmd' not mention LOADINFO but /usr/share/fbcmd/support/sample-loadinfo-text.php does?

* Is /usr/share/doc/fbcmd/filelist.txt relevant to Debian users?

This is looking great. Great work on the copyright file, too. Hope you can answer those questions, and again amazing work.

-- Asheesh.

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