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Re: automatic removal of packages from mentors


On 20.07.2012 01:47, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> Curious to hear the thoughts of the current mentors.debian.net
> maintainers, especially on the reasoning behind the deletion, so I can
> better understand and see if I can come up with an alternative I like more.

well, packages consume space and resources. Disk space is not infinite
either. Opening the packages list in the browser already lasts a
substantial amount of time. That's because lots of data needs to be
retrieved for every package listing the more packages are in the database.

I do also wonder what the benefit to keep packages forever would be. 5
months is a lot of time to keep packages around. Packages can be
uploaded any time again, and we try to avoid deleting packages which are
in an active review process (yes, this needs to be improved i.e.

Things change in Debian, packages change, packages may need an update
and someone who cares about. But we remove packages which weren't
touched or even sponsored over a long time. This is more of a problem of
Debian's sponsoring process than mentors.debian.net I'd say.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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