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Re: Bug#677277: lists.debian.org: new list: sponsorship-requests@lists.debian.org


On 06/12/2012 11:55 PM, Don Armstrong wrote:
> 4) Those who don't want to receive BTS mail can trivially filter it out

If they know how to do so. Please keep in mind that we want new
contributors to subscribe to -mentors and we already throw a lot of
stuff to learn at them. Putting even more on that list might not be a
good idea.

> On Tue, 12 Jun 2012, Michael Gilbert wrote:
>>> I'll just try this selectricity poll for now so we don't get billions
>>> of votes here:
>>> http://selectricity.org/quickvote/debianrfslist
>> So, I don't think those options accurately describe the choices.  The
>> options really are:
>> 1.  Send useful bts discussion as well as verbose control messages to -mentors
>> 2.  Send useful bts discussion to both -mentors and
>> sponsorship-requests, with verbose control messages to
>> sponsorship-requests only
> These two options would require listmaster@ to specifically filter out
> messages that were sent to debian-mentors.

No, as far as I know the current plan was to change the maintainer for
the pseudo-package and then subscribe -mentors@ to only the discussion
part via the PTS (the "bts" keyword there, but not "bts-control").


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