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Re: How to build a source tarball that includes symbolic links?

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 11:42 AM, David Lindelöf wrote:

> I'm trying to build my first cross-distribution package, but I run
> into the following problem.
> The source of my project includes symbolic links to other source trees
> (notably, the CppUTest framework and a library used by several of our
> projects). When I call `dpkg-buildpackage` to build a debian package
> out of my project, I've found that `dpkg-source` will not follow the
> symbolic links and leaves them as empty files in the source's tarball.
> As a result, they cannot be used by `pbuilder` to build the package
> for another distribution.
> Digging further, I believe this is because the default behavior for
> `tar` is not to dereference symbolic links unless explicitly told to
> (with `-h`). I was unable to find any way to pass this extra option to
> `tar` when building the debian source's tarball.
> I've also asked the question on StackOverflow
> (http://stackoverflow.com/q/10917214/1428) but to no avail.
> What am I doing wrong here? Is it possible to build a debian source
> tarball whose origin includes symbolic links? If so, how?

Could you give us a link to the tarball or Debian source package?

It isn't clear to me what you are doing wrong from your description,
but please note that source packages are self-contained apart from
being able to Build-Depend on binary packages.



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