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SONAME best practice

There has been some discussion on this list about flactag and libmusicbrainz

libmusicbrainz SONAMEs have a colourful history and this is reflected in
the way previous versions have been packaged


SONAME = libmusicbrainz3.so.6
v2.1.x (currently in Debian, src pkg = libmusicbrainz-2.1) SONAME =
v4.0.x (on mentors) SONAME = libmusicbrainz4.so.0

Can anyone comment on the use of the 4 in the first part of the SONAME,
i.e. libmusicbrainz4 ?  Should that be avoided, and just have the ABI
number at the end?

To put this question in context:
- Andy and I are also upstream for this package, so we can tweak this
for a 4.1 release if necessary to put the matter to rest
- different versions of the library have worked with different versions
of the musicbrainz.org web service (there have been some dramatic
changes between such versions)
- the C API has also changed a lot in the library package between
versions - so ABI changes were need, but outright SONAME changes may not
have been ideal

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