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Re: packaging help

On 04/24/2012 03:16 PM, Whit Armstrong wrote:
> I would be looking for 60000-64999, assuming my package eventually
> made it into debian, I suppose it would need to have a 'globally
> allocated' uid.  The idea is simply not to give users executing an R
> script on the machine root access.

You shouldn't need a statically allocated user id for this; just
creating a (system) user with adduser should be fine.  (The 100-999
range in policy 9.2.2.)

> Regarding, reSIProcate, it's cdbs based?  Would the postinst script be
> the same format if I use dh?  Based on Lucas Nussbaum's tutorial
> (http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/packaging-tutorial/packaging-tutorial.en.pdf)
> I thought that dh would be the way to go for new packages.

Maintainer scripts shouldn't differ (they are more or less just copied
into the binary packages[1]).

dh should be the most popular for new packages, but in the end it's a
matter of preferences.  I believe it might also be easier to find a
sponsor for packages using dh as more people are familiar with it than
with cdbs.


[1] With a few modifications: debhelper (and cdbs as it uses debhelper)
    might add some lines to them by replacing a special marker with
    shell code ("#DEBHELPER#").

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