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Re: Bug#659047: RFS: rpg - Readable Password Generator

Vladimir Stavrinov <vstavrinov@gmail.com> writes:

> I believe due to this "long thread" all those bugs (or rather security
> vulnerability), apart from last only about using $RANDOM are fixed.
> At same time I think this small utility has less significant, and less
> bugs then most software already included in Debian has. And finally
> the Debian BTS is best way to fix such bugs.

Your presumption, that the people and resources of the Debian project
are the appropriate place to conduct this no matter how much of those
resources you consume in the process, is inconsiderate and rude.

Please, demonstrate that you intend to be a good maintainer for this
work by taking care of it *outside* Debian for a community of users whom
you attract through the merits of the work itself, before consuming more
of Debian's resources.

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Ben Finney

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