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Re: Debian-friendly upstream best practices?

On 03/28/2012 05:25 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> - is it reasonable for the upstream repo to have a Debian branch,
> inverting the normal use-case of git-buildpackage?  e.g gbp.conf:
>       [DEFAULT]
>       upstream-branch=master   (not upstream)
>       debian-branch=debian     (not master)
> or possibly:
>       [DEFAULT]
>       upstream-branch=master
>       debian-branch=packaging/debian

If you are willing to maintain the packages, then probably, you will
want to have also branches for testing and stable. Which is why I use:

- debian-sid
- upstream-sid
- debian-wheezy
- upstream-wheezy
- debian-squeeze
- etc. (for backports and friends too...)

Also, I don't think that "master" is an indication of any sort.
I often try to avoid it if possible.

Just my 2 cents of advice...


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