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Best use of bug tracker for a complicated situation

I maintain roxterm. The source package of that name generates a number
of binary packages: roxterm-common, roxterm-gtk2, roxterm-gtk3 and
roxterm (a virtual package depending on roxterm-gtk3).

A user has reported 2 bugs with slightly different symptoms, one for
roxterm-gtk2 and one for roxterm-gtk3. They're actually the same bug,
applying to both, and I think also to old versions when there was only
one binary package, "roxterm". What's the best way to show the bugs
affect all three? I used:

affects n roxterm roxterm-gtk2 roxterm-gtk3

Would it be better to reassign them to the source package? In my control
message how would I distinguish that from the binary packages of the
same name? By appending ":src"?

I reassigned them both to roxterm-gtk3 and then tried to merge them, but
the merge is failing with what looks like an internal error involving an
array where it expected a hash (reported verbatim to owner@bdo). So far
I've been copying my comments to both bugs.

Meanwhile the user has added a comment to both which looks like there
might be a new, separate bug. So I reckon I should forget the merge,
continue to discuss the first problem in one of the reports and retitle
the other report to reflect the possible new problem. Agreed?

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