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Bug#660128: RFS: heybuddy/0.2.3-1 [ITP]

Dear Jakub and Benoît,

Thanks for your help. I've learned quite a lot from fiddling with debhelper.
There is a new revision of heybuddy up at mentors.debian.net:


I've solved these issues:

 * debian/watch. Typo.
 * debian/control. Spell checking stuff moved to suggests (yes, both are
   needed), bumped to 3.9.2.
 * Moved manpage to (1).
 * Now using dh $@ --with python2, with dh_auto_install overrides. It seems to
   work; correct me if anything is wrong.
 * Cleared the manpage from the stuff you told me (wrong copyright holder,
   AUTHORS and COPYRIGHT). It has also been rewritten.
 * Added #! and set -e to both postinst and prerm scripts. I hope /bin/bash is
   fine, or should it be /bin/sh?

Stuff I haven't solved:

 - Modules are not re-byte-compiled when the default Python version changes.
 * How should I solve this? I understand the problem, but scroogling around
   hasn't shown me any tips.
 - In the same file, you run compileall unconditionally; I guess it should only
   run during configure.
 * Pardon my ignorance, but the link to the debian guide you attached doesn't
   give any kind of specific help and I have absolutely no idea as to how to
   solve this issue.

I'm obviously open to more suggestions, and welcome any patience you put in
this :-)



Daniel Martí - mvdan.cc - 0x58BF72C3

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