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Bug#661664: RFS: pyswisseph/1.77.00-0-3 [ITP]

(Please use X-Debbugs-Cc, rather than Cc, when submittig bugs. That way the other parties will get the mail with bug number in the subject.)

I don't intend to sponsor this package, but here's my review:

* Paul Elliott <pelliott@blackpatchpanel.com>, 2012-02-28, 18:32:
   dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/p/pyswisseph/pyswisseph_1.77.00-0-3.dsc
Please get rid of “<645551 is the bug number of your ITP>” and “source package automatically created by stdeb” cruft from the changelog.

“Vcs-Browser” would be more consistent and more common capitalization than “Vcs-browser”.

I'd merge all 3 changelog entries into one, and remove of the stuff from it. There's no point mentioning that e.g. you added copyright file in an initial release. Of course you did. (But OTOH patches you added might be worth mentioning.)

Remove ${python:Breaks}, nothing generates this substitution variable anymore.

The package description is very bad. Please see Developer's Reference §6.2.3.

The copyright file doesn't say where the upstream sources were obtained. This is serious violation of Policy §12.5.

I don't understand your lintian override. Why you can't correct the spelling?

You can remove “--buildsystem=python_distutils” from debian/rules; dh is able to detect the build system automatically.

Please get rid of the “This file was automatically generated by stdeb” comment.

Do not use patches to remove files. Such patches are huge and are very likely cause conflicts in the future. Just remove the files in debian/rules (but see below).

The patches have “Forwarded: yes”, but were they actually forwarded? If yes, to who? They look Debian-specific to me.

Assuming that you meant to use DEP-3 for your patch headers, and as far as I understand the specification, you need an empty line before the pseudo-header.

Please regenerate pydoc/* at build time.

The binary package name is wrong. It should be python-swisseph, as per Python Policy §2.2.

Upstream seems to support Python 3, too. Please consider building a separate python3-swisseph package.

The is no source for PDFs in the doc/ directory. You have the following options:
- Ask upstream to include the source in their tarballs.
- Repackage their tarballs.
If you choose the latter option, you could also get rid of unneeded files that delete-no-longer-need-swe-files patch currently removes.

Jakub Wilk

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