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Re: Adopting

Mauricio Fierro <mauriciofierrom@gmail.com> writes:

> I wanted to adopt a package.

Which package? Which bug report number indicates the package is
available for adoption?

> I have gone through a lot of documentation but none really tells me
> what to do to finally adopt it.

To adopt the package is simply to become its maintainer, with the
implication that the package was available for adoption when you did so.

If the package is not available for adoption, that would instead be
referred to as a hijack :-)

> I already downloaded and analyzed the source code so I want to start
> working on it. Also, what does maintaining means? Just correcting bugs
> or improving it? Like UI or something?

Maintaining a package is to do all the work of taking a non-Debian work
and making it a Debian package, conforming with Debian policy, receiving
and addressing bug reports on the package, advocating for its users, and
so on.

> Thanks and sorry for the noob question,

Thank you for your interest in improving Debian.

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