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Re: Announcing Debexpo v2

Le 26/02/2012 à 14:15, Boris Pek <Tehnick-8@yandex.ru> écrivit :
> Hi,
> Thank you for the announcement. I am glad to see these improvements.
> It is really great!
> Few negative moments which I am recently faced with [1]:
> 1) Error "Package closes bugs in a wrong way".
> Your script processes wnpp pseudo-package in wrong way.
> 2) Package has lintian warnings:
> - newer-standards-version
> 3.9.3 (current is 3.9.2)
> - unknown-copyright-format-uri
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/
> I think that the last version of lintian from Debian Sid should be used here.


First of all thanks for your kind words.

The wnpp issue you report was noticed and fixed just right after the
reimport of the previous data, sorry about that.

For the second issue, an up-to-date lintian backport was just uploaded
by Tolimar, and the mentors.d.n lintian was updated.  You can reupload
now and everything should be okay.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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