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Bug#658782: RFS: libapr-memcache0 -- apr_memcache is a client for memcached


[ I have no intention to sponsor this package. ]

> libapr-memcache0 (0.7.0-3)  stable; urgency=low
>   * Switched to stable release

No, please read about the use of the different suites in Debian and how
packages migrate between them.  [1] has a short description in the
second half of the section.

Also please don't include the ABI version in the source package name
unless you know why you want to do so.

(Personally I also don't see a use in having multiple changelog entries
for the initial upload, but other people might have a different opinion
about this.)


[1] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debian#Package_maintenance>

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