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Bug#658835: RFS: aspsms-t (try 4) [NEW] -- sms transport for your xmpp/jabber server

tag 658835 + moreinfo


I have no intention of sponsoring this package, but as I did take a
brief look at it before:

| my $config_file = "/home/jabber/aspsms-t/etc/aspsms-web-notify.xml";
Not really useful for programs in /usr/bin.

| use lib "./";
Not really useful for programs in /usr/bin.

Code like
  eval { unlink($passfile); }; if($@) { handle_error(); }
will not catch any errors, see
  perl -E 'eval { unlink "/tmp/does-not-exist"; }; if ($@) { say "There was an error." }'

Code that is not or inconsistently indented is hard to read.


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