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Re: Updated upstream source with same version

* Daniele Tricoli <eriol@mornie.org>, 2012-01-31, 01:13:
I'm working on tipa (see #534384)


and I want to regenerate the orig source because upstream updated PostScript Type 1 Fonts and added a reference manual.

The problem is that upstream did't make a new release but updated 1.3 instead.

The last packaged version of tipa in Debian is 2:1.3-15.

I am aware of two ways for handle the problem:

1) increase epoch:
  so use 3:1.3-1

Sorry, this won't work. Epoch is not included in .orig.tar name, and dak wouldn't accept a different file with the same name.

2) play with the version:
  for example somthing like 2:1.3+0-1

  $ dpkg --compare-versions "2:1.3+0-1" gt "2:1.3-15" && echo "ok"

  confirms that it should work.

I don't like very much solution n° 2, so I would like to choose the first.
Are there any other solutions?

Yes, ask upstream to do a proper release with new version number.

Jakub Wilk

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