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Re: Flash in debian

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 8:38 PM, Christian Welzel wrote:

> what are the chances to get packages into debian main that contain
> (mainly) Flash code? Its mostly ActionScript 3 code which cannot
> compiled with tools from debian main (mtasc is only capable of AS2),
> flex-sdk is not in debian at all. The source would be included (and
> GPL, MIT or BSD) and the precompiled swf would be in the packages.

As someone who has worked on Flash stuff in Debian (I maintain mtasc,
flasm), I say Flash needs to die in a fire.

If you have upstreams who have Flash components, please spend your
time working on transitioning them to JavaScript, the new HTML5 tags
(audio, video, canvas etc) and other new web technologies (like
WebRTC, WAC, W3C Device APIs). Don't waste one moment on Flash, run
away as fast as you are able.

Of course, everyone is free to work on whatever they want, but I
strongly suggest working on Flash is a waste of time.

If anyone wants to actively work on killing Flash, check out this site:




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