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Bug#657393: RFS: skstream/0.3.6-1 [ITA] -- IOStream C++ socket Library

* Stephen M. Webb <stephen.webb@bregmasoft.ca>, 2012-01-27, 21:26:
  * debian/rules: add --with autoreconf to regenerate autoconfigury
A typo, though I'm not sure which word you had in mind. :P
I don't see the typo. I added "--with autoreconf" to regenerate the autoconfigury (config.guess, config.sub, aclocal.m4, ltmain.sh, libtools, etc).

Hmm. Maybe the word "autoconfigury" exists, but it's certainly the first time I see it.

Also, according to minechangelogs, this word doesn't exist in any changelog amongst packages in the archive.

I'd rewrite this sentence as: "... to regenerate autotools files".

Do you suggest it's better to go whole-enchilada multi-arch?

I think it's a low-hanging fruit, but I'm surely not going to force it upon you.

I see test failures in my build log:

Me too. The tests rely on manually configuring the OS is a specific, non-standard way. Should I just disable the test targets during the build to reduce the noise?

All right, most of the failure have reasonable explanation (either they require echo service running or root privileges). But what about:

test: tcpskstreamtest::testOpenNonblock (F) line: 189 childskstreamtest.h


More importantly, since the build process succeeded, does it mean that _any_ build failure would be ignored.

Jakub Wilk

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