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How to migrate to testing

Hi everyone,

I recvently adopted a package (sextractor) which was uploaded to
unstable 11 days ago. The previous version is really old (~ 6 years) and
had a few bugs.

The problem is now that the new version depends on some packages that
are still not available everywhere (libatlas-base-dev), and it also
fails to build on mips and mipsel (when running the unit test of the
package). If I interpret the "testing migration" section of the PTS
correctly, this hinders the package to enter testing.

So, what should I do now? The new version is definitely useful, even if
it is not available on some platforms. And how can I debug the problems
occurring in the unit tests on mips/mipsel? The log output is not really
helpful here (timeout termination on mips, sigbus on mips). Are there
machines available to run some debugging?



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