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Re: [Pkg-tcltk-devel] RFS: tcl-signal

Hi Sergei,

On 23.01.2012 10:47, Sergei Golovan wrote:
> 1) It's a signal extension for Tcl, not for Tk (the description is incorrect).
> 2) Manpage should be names signal.3tcl, not signal.3tk
> 3) add Suggests: ${wish:Depends} to the control file.
> 4)  Don't use ${tcl:Depends}.

> 1) The binary package contains HTML doc file in /usr/lib/tcltk[...]
> 2) [...]/examples/tktable.py.gz shouldn't be gzipped.
> 3) you don't need it to depend on tcl as well.

I changed all these points now.

> One more thing. Are "Debian Science Maintainers" aware that they
> become maintaining tcl-signal (and tk-table as well)?

I am not sure about that. It would be required if I wanted to put they
under debian-science maintenance. However, since they are not really
related to debian-science (except that they will be a requirement for a
debian-science package), I removed the maintainership and put myself as
a maintainer in both packages.

I uploaded new versions of both to mentors.debian.net. If you think they
are fine now, I'd be glad if you can upload them.



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