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Re: Packaging proprietary software

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 10:37 AM, Savvas Radevic <vicedar@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can someone recommend me a Debian's binary package for use as an example
>> to create mine?
> Have you tried with the checkinstall command?

That's not really a sustainable - there's no reason to resort to such
hacks, even though you disagree with someone's choice to use nonfree

There are plenty of examples of packages that are nonfree, but produce
fairly sane .debs

To answer the OP's question - I'm personally not sure, but I know that
there are some policies related to doing it right. It might require a
fairly hacked rules file, but I think it's doable. There are a bunch
of DDs working on the contrib/non-free section of the archive.

Perhaps they could weigh in :)

> P.S. I believe that Debian supports and helps with packaging open source
> software, not closed source and proprietary software.

And thus spake the wiki:

debian-mentors is for the mentoring of new and prospective debian
developers. Almost any question relating to Debian development is
potentially on-topic for d-mentors. Although there are other lists
which deal with most aspects of developing for Debian, they're often
pretty hard core and can be daunting. If you think your question might
be a little "newbie" for the hardcore developers on debian-devel, then
it's probably a good fit for -mentors.


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