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Re: RFS: ipset

> Yes, I'm using xtables-addons until now and I learn to package from your
> work :) But found this commit:

Thank you for kind words. :)  A real pleasure.

> "build: deactivate build of ipset-genl by default"
> == >8 ==
> Changes:
> +- Deactivate build of ipset-genl by default.
> +  I think the original ipset package can now take over, given there are
> +  a handful of kernels (2.6.39 onwards) that do not need patching.
> == 8< ==

We haven't started packaging this version yet. 
Originally I got involved to xtables-addons due to lack of working ipset6.

> Therefore, I intend to package "ipset" again with libipset{2-dev} included.

I'm not sure what would be the best in this case. 
It is convenient to have iptables modules in one package.

I reckon you're aware that your package conflicts with xtables-addons-common?


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