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Re: Changelog (Was: docbase trouble)

* Olе Streicher <debian-devel@liska.ath.cx>, 2012-01-18, 16:59:
It seems that dh_compress is responsible for the compression. However, if I switch this off with the rule

	dh_compress -Xchangelog.html

lintian complains with the error "changelog-file-not-compressed".

So, do I have now the choice between a broken link in the HTML documentation and a policy violation? Which one should I choose?

Policy §12.7 says that the changelog files “should be installed compressed using ‘gzip -9’, as they will become large with time even if they start out small.” I don't think that the size argument is really relevant when the documentation is in a separate package (or in a -dev package).

For my packages, I chose to ignore this Policy requirement when it stood in my way.

Jakub Wilk

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