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Re: proposed new pseudo-package 'debian-mentors' for handling sponsoring requests

"Eugene V. Lyubimkin" <jackyf@debian.org> writes:
>> If you changed the package to address concerns, please send a follow-up
>> to the sponsoring request (To: nnn@bugs.debian.org) that includes the
>> URL to the source package and the last changelog entries similar to the
>> initial request.
> What would sponsoree do for the "follow-up" RFSes, i.e. new version of
> the package is prepared and a sponsor is wanted again? Re-open the bug
> or create new one?

Once a package has been uploaded, the request should only be reopened
when the upload was rejected by the archive later (eg. manual reject
from NEW, signature problems, ...).  For new releases a new request
should be filed instead.

If the version number changes before an upload (for example when a new
upstream version was released before the package was sponsored), the
sponsoree should send a follow-up to the current request and retitle it
to include the new version number.

My reasoning is that issues should hopefully be addressed once a package
has been uploaded and no longer apply to the next request, they only
make the bug log longer.  In contrast they might still apply when there
was no upload.


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