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policyd-weight - remaining bug in stable (already fixed in unstable)

Hi Ansgar,
hi everybody,

>>> Stable is frozen, we do not change packages there unless there is a very
>>> good reason to do so. The bug you are fixing does not seem to qualify as
>>> release critical thus we need to deal with the problem as is.
>> OK, thanks for your details. I do also think, that this bug is not a release
>> critical rather an important bug.
> It is possible to fix non-RC bugs in updates to stable (that are deemed
> important enough to be fixed).  The maintainer and the (stable) release
> managers have to agree with it though.

In stable the problem persists, that policyd-weight has a non-functional
ipv6 blacklist enabled that may leed to spuriously rejected mail.

It would just be one modification to fix that bug (e.g. comment out the
non functional blacklist). What is the right way to go here? This Bug is
fixed in my latest uploaded package to unstable.


> Taking over maintenance is a good idea.  The release managers usually
> require bugs to be fixed in testing before approving changes to stable.

Werner Detter

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