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Re: RFS: php-pecl-http - extended HTTP support for php5

On Monday, November 21, 2011 07:16:56 PM Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Also, since we try to maintain everything as a team when it comes to
> PHP packages, I would advise that this package is also sent to the
> pkg-php git repository. That means that you should join the Alioth
> project for it, and do your packaging using Git.

Since this also affects me (I filed an RFS for php-phpdocumentor... still 
waiting for Reviewer/Sponsor ;-)): Am I required to maintain packages in that 
git-repository? I joined that Alioth project, but I doubt I get write-access 
right away...

> If you do the above effort, and nobody steps in (maybe Ondrej or Sean
> has enough time to check on it? You guys might have a better level
> than me for such PECL modules...), I'll review it and sponsor it (if of
> course, it's good enough).
> But before I do that, could you please explain a bit more what it
> does, and why php5-pecl-http is useful?

Since Peter seems to be MIA again, here is my opinion: This library supports 
extended HTTP *client* support for PHP. It has far greater possibilities then 
built-in PHP (i.e. "exotic" requests like PUT and DELETE, often used in 
webservices) and is much easier to use than php-curl, since it provides a very 
object-oriented approach. I would be very happy to see this package in Debian!

greetings, Mati

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