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Re: Questions on maintaining xeji

* Daniel Martí <danielmarti.debian@gmail.com> [111122 20:40]:
> Hello, my name is Daniel and I've recently filed an ITA against the
> RFA bug for xeji (wnpp list). I've gone though most part of the new
> maintainer's guide, as well as the packaging basics. I do know how
> to make a package from scratch and build it, but I am having more
> trouble with creating a new revision for xeji (which would close the
> ITA bug).
> Would any of you be willing to be my mentor and guide me through
> this? I am not looking for a teacher, but just for some specific
> assistance and sponsorship. Any help would be very appreciated.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your interest in this package. It looks simple enough to
be a perfect first package !

The basic thing for preparing a package would be to add a new
changelog entry, and of course fix a few things for your first
upload. For example, you can make the package lintian clean (including
removing some unnecessary overrides).

You can do it "by hand" or using the dch tool (from the devscripts
package). But the best would be to use a VCS helper such as
git-buildpackage. The intermediate steps are not visible in the
resulting .dsc and .debs, but it helps you remember where you were and
allows easier collaboration (just like with source code).

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in this thread,
so that either me or another one can reply to them.

Have a nice day !

Etienne Millon

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